What ever happened to good wholesome television?

What ever happened to predictibility?
The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.

Everywhere you look , everywhere you go (there’s a heart).
There’s a heart
A hand to hold onto.

Everywhere you look , everywhere you go.
There’s a face
Of somebody who needs you.

Eveywhere you look,
When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone,
A light is waiting to carry you home,
Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look.

I’m wondering where has all the good wholesome television gone. When I was growing up I remember family shows like The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Full House.

The list goes on. What happened to all of these shows. All I see when I turn on the television now is reality tv and game shows. The only game show I could watch over and over again is The Price is Right and that lost it’s touch when Bob Barker retired, it’s just not the same anymore with Drew Carey as the host. I appreciate all the old television now on DVD but I’d like something new and fresh to come along. Something that wasn’t all about sex, something that ends each episode with sappy music and a hug (Full House). Something that teaches the youth of America some good moral values. I’m just tired of turning on the television and seeing Howie Mandell who used to host a awesome cartoon show called Bobby’s World about a boy and his imagination. I feel bad for the youth these days, They have all of this technology but nobody teaching them between right and wrong or respect for one another. I believe that parents play a huge role on teaching them this, but when there is nothing to reinforce it, what’s going to happen to them?

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