The sun will come out today

It has been raining on and off all week. Today it feels a little bit like California weather where it only rains for about 2 seconds and then stops.

I have been watching the Olympics this week and I am really impressed with Michael Phelps. All I can say is wow, the guy is simply amazing.

It’s nice to see that the USA basketball team is back to winning again. They are calling them the Redeem Team. Catchy name, sounds a little bit like the Dream Team from the 90’s lead by Michael Jordan, they were pretty good.

Water Polo is pretty cool but how did that slide by as an Olympic sport? I think that was the same game I made up in my grandmas pool where we had to skip the ball off the water and hit the fence. I’m sure it is more difficult than it looks with all that treading of water. I think for the next summer games they should include Mat-ball from high school gym class, that was fun and I’m pretty sure I could compete in it, I just need to put a team together. Who’s with me?

I hope everyone is enjoying their week and staying dry.

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