The Perfect Wedding Take

During every wedding I take a few thousand images. Between 3-4 usually, depending on the amount of time I’m hired for. Out of those images there are always a few I consider the perfect wedding take. Here are some perfect wedding takes I’ve captured over the years.

You never know who will show up to the wedding, so be prepared to take a lot of takes.

Steven Spielberg surprises the bride at her own wedding while filming Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull in New Haven CT. The expression on the brides and bridesmaids face makes this perfect wedding take priceless.

The bride and groom fight for a kiss as their wedding party tries desperately to pull them apart. The expressions on the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s faces make this wedding take perfect. This photo was taken in front of the beautiful Chez Josef in Agawam.

This photo was taken at the Amherst Women’s Club and is a classic example of a perfect wedding take, as you notice the joyous expressions on the guests and bride’s face.

The groom dips his bride under a beautiful oak tree as they share a romantic kiss. Showing how big, grand, and beautiful nature is in wedding images makes for some great wedding takes.

Sometimes the perfect wedding take happens in a split second, when the groom glances over at his beautiful bride.

How to capture the perfect wedding take.

1) Be equipped with a fast camera. Something in the range of a Canon or Nikon SLR.

2) Fast glass, meaning a lens that has an f-stop of 2.8 or higher. You’ll get a faster shutter speed at f2.8.

3) Bring plenty of compact flash cards with you so you can take lots of images and won’t run out when the perfect wedding take arises. Note: The higher the cameras megapixels, the more gigs you’ll need your compact flash cards to be. I recommend 2 to 8 gig cards.

4) External flash. Not the pop up flash that comes with the camera, but one that sits in the cameras hot shoe. This will allow you to use a faster shutter speed and produce more light in those dark reception halls.

5) When the bride smiles, you smile, by taking as many wedding takes that you can. You can never take too many wedding takes.

Check out some more examples of perfect wedding takes over at our website

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