Most Memorable 80’s movie music scenes.

The other day I was thinking about 80’s movies. Why you ask? Well because I was born in the 80’s and I love 80’s movies. Specifically I was thinking about 80’s movies that had a particular scene that was memorable and included music. Here are the ones that stood out the most to me. Do you have some that stand out to you that I didn’t mention? Let me know.

The first one I thought of was, of course, the scene from the 1988 movie Big with Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia. Tom’s character Josh and Robert’s character MacMillan are walking and talking about toys at FAO Schwarz (A huge toy store in New York City), when they encounter a huge floor piano, Josh begins to play the song Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmichael with his feet. MacMillan quickly realizes what song Josh is attempting to play and joins in by playing the melody of the tune. This seen is great fun and leads to Josh getting one of the easiest jobs in the world, playing with toys and telling people what he thinks of them.

The next memorable 80’s movie music scene I thought of was the scene from the 1989 movie Say Anything where John Cusack’s character Lloyd Dobler goes to Dione Court’s house played by Ione Skye and holds up a boombox outside her window and blares the song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

Who could ever forget John Candy and this memorable 80’s movie music scene from the 1987 film Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Steve Martin. In this scene John Candy’s character Del Griffith gets so into the song Mess Around by Ray Charles by pretending he’s playing the trumpet and piano parts of the song. Check out the video below.

When you think of the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I bet you this is the scene that comes to your mind. Matthew Broderick who plays Ferris Bueller convinces his parents that he’s sick and goes to the city with his girlfriend Sloane and best friend Cameron (who really isn’t feeling well) in Cameron’s dad’s car. Check out the scene below of Ferris lip-syncing the popular song Twist and Shout by The Beatles

Back To The Future. Yup, I’m going there. One of my favorite movies and trilogy’s of all time. All I need to say is Michael J. Fox and you know what scene I’m talking about from the 1985 movie. Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox shakes things up a bit by playing an oldie by Chuck Berry called Johnny B. Goode. Check out the video below.

Do you know of any memorable 80’s movie music scenes that I didn’t mention? Let me know and I’ll blog about them.

Jayson Lecuyer - November 2, 2012 - 11:02 pm

Do you love 80’s movies? Check out the latest blog post about the most memorable 80’s movie music scenes.

Becky - November 3, 2012 - 11:00 am

Great stroll down movie memory lane! I will have to think about some other memorable movies!!

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