Back to the Future Hoverboard Photo Manipulation

When I was teaching Graphics at Granby Jr/Sr High School in Granby, MA I loved teaching my students how to manipulate images in GIMP. Photo Manipulation is the process of taking two or more images and blending them together into one image to make something look as though it is really happening. Here is an image that I manipulated for my friend Sean last night. He is a huge fan of Back to the Future that he purchased a Hoverboard from Mattel for a matter of 200 dollars. The only problem with these boards are, they don’t really hover, well, not until 2015 of course. Here are the two images that he sent me to manipulate.

The first thing I did was outlined around Sean to remove the background. I did this in Photoshop by using the eraser and lasso tool.

Next I outlined the Hoverboard with the lasso tool, created a new layer and filled it in with black. I added a gaussian blur and placed the layer underneath the Hoverboard like this.

The last thing I did was duplicate the outline of Sean, overlay him in black, brought that layer underneath the shadow of the Hoverboard, added a gaussian blur and reduced the opacity to look like this.

I then added the background of the empty room behind Sean to make him look like he is really Hovering on his Hoverboard.

And that my friends is how you make a Hoverboard really Hover by photo manipulation in Photoshop. And remember, these boards don’t work on water unless you’ve got power.



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