Throwback Thursday at MA Photography Studio

Thursdays are now called Throwback Thursday, at least according to Instagram and Facebook. It’s the day of the week where you post a picture of you when you were younger. Here is a picture of me and my family from the paper in 1990. This is when we hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany for a year. His name is Michael Wiele and you can see him pictured right. My brother Rob is back left next to my Dad. My Mom is seated between my two sisters, Sarah left and Becky right. We had hosted a few Japanese students for a few months before this so hosting someone for a year was a little more challenging. Michael was a fun guy to be around and had a great personality. He loved The Simpsons and his family. He used the word excellent to describe many things. Maybe because Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released in 1989. Although it wasn’t always easy to get along with Michael, he had a wonderful heart and helped us to grow closer as a family. If you ever have the opportunity to host an exchange student, don’t miss out on the EXCELLENT opportunity. It was great meeting you Michael, wherever you are.



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