why you should hire a professional photographer

Often times people will approach me and say “hey, great camera.” I’m here to tell you that cameras are just tools. You would never say to a chef “great spatula” or to an artist “great paint brush.” How about saying “great defibrillator paddles’ to a doctor after he or she saves your life. People often think because the cameras we shoot with are so expensive, it’s the camera that is taking the great photos and not the person behind the camera, the photographer or artist.

This morning I went out and took photos with my Canon 5D Mark II and iPhone 4S to prove that cameras are just tools.

Great CameraGreat CameraGreat Camera

One of these photos was taken with my iPhone 4S with an Olloclip attached to it set to the macro lens.

It doesn’t really matter which one was taken with the iPhone, my point is these are all great images, the only difference is the color quality and the amount of bokeh.

Of course, our super duper cameras are expensive, and fast if equipped with an L lens. They can shoot in near darkness and are able to capture important moments in a split second. This also depends on the lens that the camera is equipped with.

This is why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding or special event.

If you’re thinking of just hiring a friend or uncle who does photography as a hobby, you will be deeply disappointed. The great thing about having them do this is they are free. The bad thing is, half the photos will be in near darkness or blurry because of slow shutter speed. They are shooting in auto mode which means that the camera will select the settings to expose a picture correctly. The problem is that in a dark church or reception hall the settings will be 1/15 to 1/8 of a second, which is very difficult to hand hold. They will have one lens that their camera came with when they bought it at Best Buy. This lens is considered a kit lens and is not capable of shooting in low light settings.

We shoot with multiple professional lenses that allow us to capture moments in the darkest settings. Because of these lenses and high end professional cameras, we are able to shoot at 1/50 to 1/100 of a second to capture every moment precisely as it happens.

These are the cameras we use for weddings, but they are just tools because they allow us to do our job to the best of our artistic abilities. They have settings that we have full control over. If you told me to take that same macro shot of the water drop with my iPhone but without an Olloclip, I would have a difficult time getting that close. It’s photo number 2 by the way. The Olloclip is just a tool that allowed me to produce that image. If you said, here’s an iPhone to go shoot a wedding. I could probably do it because I’m an artist but the photos would not come out as good as if I shot the wedding with a Canon 5D MK II with multiple lenses. A camera is like a blank canvas and lenses are like paint brushes. I cannot paint a masterpiece without a paint brush.

If your friends are thinking about having a friend shoot their wedding for free or uncle with a point and shoot camera, be sure to link them to this blog post. I don’t want them to be disappointed in their photos. I’m here to educate and save them from making a bad decision.

Check out jaysonsphotography.com for more fantastic images taken by a true artist



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