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Our blog post today comes from Beverly, the owner of Arbor Massage in South Hadley. She had the great opportunity to plan three of her children’s weddings in the same year. In this blog post she gives you 11 things to do before your Wedding Day.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to help plan three of our four children’s weddings within in the same year. It was an exciting time with much to do and schedule according to the “lists” that so many wedding professionals offer up. However, I am writing to inform you of some things that you may not have thought of as you plan this once in a life-time event, that you want to have as perfect as possible.


1. Photographer – when choosing this person, make sure you see photos of all his/her work throughout the wedding day, before hand. These photos and the experience with this person, during your day, will last long after your guests have left your party. The woman I chose showed up to our church ceremony wearing hiking clothes and sporting a backpack. She was very obtrusive as she knelt down right in front of the pastor near the alter and took her photos.

Western Mass Wedding Photography

Western Mass Wedding Photography

2. Getting the family covered for photography at the wedding – Make sure you appoint someone to be in charge of who gets into the photos for the formal wedding shots (not the bride’s mother). In fact, make a list that you can give to the photographer before hand to forewarn him/her that these people need to be in photos. This is a big part of the preparation. Your photographer is not a mind reader and doesn’t know your family. And you will be far away, mentally, from this planning on our wedding day.

3. Make sure clutter is picked up inside and outside before your wedding day – It is a very chaotic day and people will be popping in and out making it next to impossible to see the whole picture of what is really happening. The photographer will be taking “get ready” shots in lots of areas that you might not have thought of. The yard too, if it’s a nice day, will sometimes be used to take large group shots. So as clean up as much as possible.
4. Tent and party rental – make sure you see this person’s equipment before you contract with them and make a clause in the agreement that if the equipment is not as they say, some compensation would transpire afterwards. I guess there may or may not be a way to make sure all the plates and utensils come clean and the rented grill is working. But heads up to this as I contracted with two different but very well known rental companies and both times there were problems. Thank goodness we had a caterer who was staffed to handle all the dishwashing, beforehand, for 150 guests.

Western Mass Tent Rentals

Western Mass Tent Rentals

5. Make sure you oversee who is speaking at the reception and for how long they plan on speaking. This is not a time for open mic. The guest you invited do not want to sit and listen to long speeches from people. These long speeches are for another time, like the dress rehearsal where it is more informal. Your wedding should be as you and your fiancé planned. What you don’t think of before hand can go awry. Also make sure the persons speaking can be heard by the guests.
6. Make sure there is a point person at the wedding, again not the bride’s mother – If you don’t have a wedding planner, make sure the person that is in charge understands his/her responsibilities, like when to tell the bridesmaids to walk down the isle.
7. Don’t assume that the venue you choose is going to remember your special requests for your wedding – Call them a few days before to go over those requests like gluten free wedding cake or special appetizers you want. Most of these reception places promise you anything to get you to come to them and they need to be reminded of what they said. Get it in writing in your contract with them.

Log Cabin Wedding Photography

Log Cabin Wedding Photography

8. Make sure you understand who is picking up the flowers or if they are being delivered – You need to assign someone to pin flowers on the wedding party, and distribute the other flowers. It is a smaller task but important. You are honoring these recipients with flowers and it should not go overlooked as a nothing task. Most people don’t know how to pin on a boutonnière. So, make sure the person in charge can do this important job.
9. Make sure the now bride and groom eat during the day – They day is so busy and hectic that this goes pushed to the side. The excitement of the reception can carry them off in another direction and food is the last thing on their minds. They need to have strength to have this day. Good food during the day is very important to satiate them.
10. Make sure someone coordinates the music (usually DJ), with the day as YOU planned it and with the music you planned – Some DJs like to run on their timeline and think they know best. Make it clear to them when you want them to play and what will be happening when the eating takes place at the reception.
11. Make sure you plan on the ride for the bride and groom to their next location, after the reception – They will most likely arrive with a limo or other means besides their car, especially if they don’t live in the area they are marrying in. This faux-paux can prove embarrassing and put a damper on the end of a perfectly planned wedding day.
Which reminds me, that as much as you try, there is going to be something you didn’t foresee and plan for. Hopefully these 11 things will be ones that you will remember to put in place for your perfect wedding day.
Weddings are stressful times. Don’t forget your health and remember to get regular massages as part of your distressing routine.
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