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The South Hadley Fireworks on Saturday July 5th 2014 were absolutely breathtaking. When these Holyoke Wedding Photographers aren’t capturing wedding ceremonies, we’re taking pictures of Fireworks. Here are some images that I captured from the road of our Western Mass Wedding Photography Studio.

Holyoke Wedding PhotographersHolyoke Wedding Photographers

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The South Hadley Fireworks turn out to be great every year. They shoot them off from Michael E. Smith Middle School and Newton Street in South Hadley is usually packed with cars and people taking in the spectacular view. These fireworks were captured with a Canon 5D Mark III on a Tripod with a 24-70 at F22. I used bulb at about 5-10 seconds. Fireworks are a lot of fun to shoot and make for some great designs and wall art afterwards. If you’d like to purchase some of these firework images, be sure to check out all these images are for sale over there.

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