11 things to remember when hiring your wedding photographer

Amherst Wedding Photographers

Here are 11 things to remember when hiring your wedding photographer.

!. It’s not all about price in this wedding industry. Yes, everyone has a budget but spending very little for a photographer will get you in trouble.
Our prices are based on an industry standard for photographers with our skill and experience.

2. You can’t redo your wedding. You have only one shot at capturing perfect moments on your wedding day so why leave it in the hands of a friend or a family member or
someone who only has one low quality digital SLR camera and no backups if their camera fails.

3. There are a lot of photographers out there or people who claim they are wedding photographers just because they own a digital SLR camera. Make sure you see images from
an entire wedding they’ve shot, at least 3, not just highlight images. Sure, anyone can take a great image but can they be consistent throughout the wedding day.

Amherst Wedding Photographers

4. Meet your photographer. Some photographers might do great work but are very egotistical and tell you how your wedding day is going to go. Make sure your photographer is kind
and open to your ideas of images you’d like to have captured on your wedding day.

5. Find out the background of your photographer. Some photographers just got in the industry to make money or make quick money pricing themselves at $1200. Make sure your photographer
has an artistic background and has an eye for capturing moments and loving expressions.

Amherst Wedding Photographers

6. What are they going to give you for the price. Most photographers price themselves low because they aren’t giving you your actual images and only shooting your wedding for 4 hours. Make
sure the price includes the Hi-Resolution images and you are able to print them from home or lab of your choosing.

7. See them in action. Often times photographers take great images but then when you hire them they are standing in the way of the groom to get a perfect shot of the bride walking down the aisle with her father. Make sure you see a promo video of them in action at a wedding before you book them as your wedding photographer. You don’t want an obtrusive photographer.

8. Chimping. Chimping means looking at an image on the back of the camera. Often times photographers take a ton of images and look at the images they took to see if they came out. I’ve seen many photographers do this and be missing important moments while doing it. It’s okay to view the image quickly to see if you got the shot and it’s exposed correctly but not if you’re missing key moments.

9. Family. How are the formal images the photographer takes. Formal images are important images of family or friends looking at the camera and smiling. You need to make sure the photographer knows who the parents and grandparents are and places them in the correct order when taking a family formal group shop. Make sure they also leave space on both sides of the image so you can crop the image to an 8×10.

Amherst Wedding Photographers

10. How long has the photographer been shooting weddings for? You need to make sure the photographer has been photographing weddings for a few years and has shot at least 2o weddings.

11. Your photographer arrives to your wedding a few hours before your actual ceremony to capture detail images. We always arrive to each wedding at least 2 hours before the ceremony to capture detail images as well as fun images of the bride and her bridesmaids and the groom and his groomsmen. This is also a time for a first look.

and an extra one at 12. Make sure you see a before and after image of the photographers editing style. Anyone can take a picture but can they edit it to create a work of art.

Amherst Wedding Photographers

Be sure to check out more of our work at jaysonsphotography.com or by clicking here. I look forward to capturing amazing
images on your special day.



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