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Time Lapse Sketch of Wallace and Gromit

Happy Tuesday. Here’s a Time Lapse Sketch I did to honor Peter Sallis, the voice actor of Wallace and Gromit.View full post »

Happy Memorial Day from Jayson’s Photography

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Jayson’s Photography. Here’s a quick sketch of Mickey Mouse salutingView full post »

Orlando Photographers

Walt Disney World – Orlando Photographers

Every year I love to travel down to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida and take a million pictures of The PartnersView full post »

Weddings at the Salem Cross Inn

West Brookfield Wedding Photographers | Salem Cross Inn

Recently we photographed a wonderful wedding at the Salem Cross Inn and became West Brookfield Wedding Photographers. WeView full post »

Big Y

Big Y | Employer of Choice Award

Happy Veterans Day. Recently we were hired to film a video for Big Y as they won the Employer of Choice Award presentedView full post »

The Red Barn Amherst

Amherst Wedding Photographers | The Red Barn

We recently photographed a beautiful wedding at The Red Barn in Amherst, Ma and became Amherst Wedding Photographers. IfView full post »

Massachusetts Bridal Shows

Massachusetts Bridal Shows 2015 2016

I’m not sure which of these Massachusetts Bridal Shows Jayson’s Photography will be attending but for yourView full post »

Western Mass Wedding Photographers

Western Mass Wedding Photographers

We are Western Mass Wedding Photographers but we are artists first. Last night I found some time for Halloween to drawView full post »

Montague Retreat Center

Montague Wedding Photographers

I’ve been super busy photographing weddings and videoing corporate videos as well as editing them that it’sView full post »

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Teach and help each other by doing random acts of kindness

Always teach and help each other.

If you know me, you know that I’m an avid golfer and I love to watch it on TV. Last year I was golfing with a friend of mine John and a friend of his who doesn’t play much golf. We were playing on a par 3 and John’s friend had just hit his second shot into the bunker by the green. He was not happy about being in the bunker so I gave him a tip before he hit his shot. I told him to pretend there was a tee under his ball and try to swipe it out from underneath it. He did just that and his ball popped up out of the bunker, onto the green and into the hole for a par 3. This was his only par of the day and I was happy to have helped him achieve it. He will remember this shot forever and it will keep him coming back to play this great game.

When we have the opportunity to help others, we should. Often times people are too concerned with themselves and cannot seem to humble themselves enough to help others. I was a technology teacher for two years, where I taught students how to use graphics programs. About a year later a student of mine contacted me to thank me and let me know that he created a logo for his friends family business.

This is why I love to teach and help others. My joy comes from their success. This is the same reason why I love photographing weddings. After I finish shooting and editing a wedding, my joy comes from the positive review I receive from the bride and groom, not from the money I make.

My mother has always helped others. She is one of the reasons why my business is successful today. She has encouraged me and always been there even when times got tough. She is my inspiration and the reason why I enjoy helping others today. I would love for the opportunity to one day be able to give back to her with early retirement.

Recently there was a young man by the name of Seth Machak who passed away from pneumonia. He loved to help others and do random acts of kindness. In honor of him, his family has set up a blog that encourages people to do Random Acts of Kindness and called it Random Acts of Sethness. You can read all the wonderful Random Acts of Sethness people have done for each other by clicking here.

I find this a positive way to keep Seth’s name alive.

How have you taught or helped somebody today?

I would like to encourage you to help each other in anyway possible.

If you need help with your wedding, just give me a call at 413 537 9553 or e-mail me at

I’m here to help

In the words of Bill and Ted. “Be excellent to each other.”



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Back to the Future Hoverboard Photo Manipulation

When I was teaching Graphics at Granby Jr/Sr High School in Granby, MA I loved teaching my students how to manipulate images in GIMP. Photo Manipulation is the process of taking two or more images and blending them together into one image to make something look as though it is really happening. Here is an image that I manipulated for my friend Sean last night. He is a huge fan of Back to the Future that he purchased a Hoverboard from Mattel for a matter of 200 dollars. The only problem with these boards are, they don’t really hover, well, not until 2015 of course. Here are the two images that he sent me to manipulate.

The first thing I did was outlined around Sean to remove the background. I did this in Photoshop by using the eraser and lasso tool.

Next I outlined the Hoverboard with the lasso tool, created a new layer and filled it in with black. I added a gaussian blur and placed the layer underneath the Hoverboard like this.

The last thing I did was duplicate the outline of Sean, overlay him in black, brought that layer underneath the shadow of the Hoverboard, added a gaussian blur and reduced the opacity to look like this.

I then added the background of the empty room behind Sean to make him look like he is really Hovering on his Hoverboard.

And that my friends is how you make a Hoverboard really Hover by photo manipulation in Photoshop. And remember, these boards don’t work on water unless you’ve got power.



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Western Mass Waterdrop Photography

The other day I was working on my Waterdrop Photography and I came up with this image of a waterdrop with my logo that I use in my watermark inside the waterdrop. Pretty cool if you ask me. If you are looking for Western Mass Waterdrop Photography or macro shots, give us a call at 413 537 9553 or e-mail me at Visit our website at

Western Mass Waterdrop Photography

an image of a waterdrop with my Jayson’s Photography logo inside it.

To take images of waterdrops you will need.

A SLR Camera
Pocket Wizard with an External Flash
A Macro Lens
A pan to splash the water into
A tripod
A towel
A bag to keep the water in that will splash into the pan
something sharp to make a small hole in the bag and
something that will hover the bag over the pan

Contact me for more information on Waterdrop Photography



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Throwback Thursday at MA Photography Studio

Thursdays are now called Throwback Thursday, at least according to Instagram and Facebook. It’s the day of the week where you post a picture of you when you were younger. Here is a picture of me and my family from the paper in 1990. This is when we hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany for a year. His name is Michael Wiele and you can see him pictured right. My brother Rob is back left next to my Dad. My Mom is seated between my two sisters, Sarah left and Becky right. We had hosted a few Japanese students for a few months before this so hosting someone for a year was a little more challenging. Michael was a fun guy to be around and had a great personality. He loved The Simpsons and his family. He used the word excellent to describe many things. Maybe because Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released in 1989. Although it wasn’t always easy to get along with Michael, he had a wonderful heart and helped us to grow closer as a family. If you ever have the opportunity to host an exchange student, don’t miss out on the EXCELLENT opportunity. It was great meeting you Michael, wherever you are.



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