Your Springfield Massachusetts Wedding

I know that booking your wedding can be very difficult, that’s why I’m here to help.

First let’s start with the venue. If you live in the Western Massachusetts area, the first place that usually comes to mind is The Log Cabin. I have photographed at The Log Cabin in Holyoke, Ma many times and I absolutely love it. Everyone there is wonderful to work with and the view is absolutely breathtaking. It is not that far of a drive from Springfield so it’s definitely number 1 on my list of venues. You can host your wedding ceremony and reception there so that kills two birds with one stone. Here are some pictures I have taken at The Log Cabin over the years.

Be sure to book your wedding way in advance because spots tend to fill up fast.

The second venue recommendation on my list is The Delaney House which is also owned by The Log Cabin. This is also a great venue to host your wedding reception. They have a rose garden which is great for pictures. Here are a few pictures from The Delaney House.

If you are in the springfield area then the best place to host a wedding is The Marriott. The Marriott has a ton of room for a huge wedding. The lobby of The Marriott is great for taking pics. Here are a few from Jennifer and Robert’s Wedding.

The dress is a BIG Part of the wedding and can be really expensive. Both of my sisters got their wedding dress for a great price at Bridal Heirlooms at The Village Commons in South Hadley. The service they received was extraordinary. They treated both of my sisters like a bride and actually cared about both of their weddings.

Here is a picture of my sister wearing her dress at The Amherst Woman’s Club in Amherst, Ma. Also another great place to get married.

Let’s talk music. Your wedding isn’t complete without a great DJ. TC’s DJ & Karaoke Services has the best prices and DJ’s around. If you want great music and a DJ who isn’t going to get out on the dance floor with a goofy hat and dance with your grandma, TC’s DJ & Karaoke Services is your man.

Flowers can get pretty expensive when planning a wedding. A great inexpensive solution is to buy your flowers from BJ’s Wholesale or Stop & Shop and do the arrangements yourself. Another solution is to use A Cut Above in Chicopee, Ma. Here is a pic of one of their arrangements used by one of our brides.

If you’re looking for creative or classic wedding cakes then Cerrato’s Pastry Shop in West Springfield, MA is the place to go.

What better way to roll up to your wedding than in a fancy white limo. Check out Deluxe Limousine Services in Agawam, MA. They will treat you like royalty by rolling out a red carpet so you won’t get your dress dirty. They will even carry your train for you.

Remember, you already have your wedding photographer selected, Jayson from Jayson’s Photography, so you’re almost done booking your wedding.

Just give us a call at 413.537.9553 or e-mail us at to book your wedding today. Congratulations to you and your fiance on your engagement! I look forward to meeting you and photographing your very special day.



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Amazing Realistic Artwork – The Covenant

The other day my good friend John Tetreault stopped in to our Boston Massachusetts Jayson’s Photography Studio to drop off an amazing work of art he created. The title of this outstanding piece is called The Covenant. This unbelievable piece is created in strictly pencil and took him a year and 7 full pencils to create. This masterpiece is filled with incredible detail created with such realism. When you view this piece you will feel as though you are starring at a photograph. Here are some pictures I took of The Covenant that illustrates the wonderful detail.

Here is the Covenant in all its magnificent glory.

The Covenant measures 24″ x 36″ and is signed and numbered.

If you would like to purchase The Covenant you can do so by contacting John at and 413-335-0135 or contact our Boston Massachusetts Photography Studio at and 413-537-9553

for only $125

Growing up I had always admired John and his artistic abilities. He is one of the reasons why I am an artist today. I remember a time a while back where he came over and drew a picture of one of my favorite basketball players, Scottie Pippen. You can find John on the latest cover of Fine Woodworking.

Be sure to check out more of John’s original art at

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Boston Massachusetts Super Megafest 2012 Part 2

After the excitement of getting Stan Lee’s autograph on my artwork had subsided, we headed back upstairs. By this time it was 11:45 and Alex wanted to get an autograph and picture with Maria Kanellis. He waited patiently in front of her table for five minutes while she kept her head down texting. She didn’t even look up to acknowledge he was standing there. She finally looked up and said “Sorry, business.”

She then signed the three cards Alex was holding of her and leaned over the table to pose for a picture with him. By this time I had to head downstairs again and wait in another line for a picture with Stan Lee. There were two lines, a VIP line and a NIP (Not Important Person) line. I was in the second line. As I walked down the hallway, with the VIP line on the left and the NIP line on the right, I could tell that this was going to be a long wait no matter what line I was in. Luckily As I was approaching the end of the line, a guy showed up right behind me wearing the same shirt as me.

Because we had the same shirt in common, we got to chatting. This allowed the hour and a half wait to pass by much more quickly. At one point Thor came up to us and didn’t know which line he was supposed to be standing in. I let him cut because his costume was so incredibly awesome.

We all MARVELed at his costume. At this point we were getting closer to the room that Stan Lee was posing for pictures. We passed by a table of 8×10 prints of Stan Lee and people posing with him. I noticed that Mr. Lee was sitting on a stool and the pictures looked awkward because people were just standing next to him, as if they were standing next to a statue. they weren’t actually posing with him or getting down to his height. I decided at that point I was going to crouch down next to Mr. Lee and ask him to do the Spider-Man web slinger hand gesture. When it was my turn to get my picture taken with Stan Lee, I did exactly that. I came up next to Mr. Lee and slightly crouched down next to him and said, hey Stan, can we do the web slinger? He chuckled and said, “sure.” After the photographer took our picture, I got up and shook Stan’s hand and said thank you Stan. He once again said “you’re welcome.”

I ran into the hallway super excited and gave a fist bump to Thor. Thor quietly spoke to me and said “Did you hear what I did?” I said no. “I said, Mr. Lee, you are most worthy to hold the Thor Hammer.” After the photographer took their picture together, Stan Lee said to the photographer, “Can you print me out a copy of that one?” Here is Thor’s picture with Stan Lee.

Stay Tuned for Part 3.

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Boston Massachusetts Super Megafest 2012 Part 1.

This weekend I attended the Boston Super Megafest in Framingham, MA at The Sheraton Hotel and met some pretty incredible people. The Super Megafest kicked off on Friday with a Birthday tribute to the amazing Stan Lee (the creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, just to name a few.) I would have attended this but the tickets were $225, a bit steep in my opinion. This was Stan Lee’s 90th Birthday and he looks absolutely MARVELous.

I attended the Megafest on Saturday with my buddy Alex. We left the house at 7am and went searching for Hostess products to sell on Ebay. We didn’t make much money because we could not find any regular Twinkies. Oh well. We arrived at the SMF at 9:15 and barely found a parking spot. We hurried inside the Sheraton only to find a huge line for us to wait in. After about 45 minutes of waiting, the line began to move. We pushed our way downstairs because someone told us that was where Stan Lee would be signing autographs. Guess what we found downstairs? Yes, that’s right, another line to wait in. After about an hour and a half of waiting in this line, and chatting it up with some movie and comicbook nerds, they took our money; Well, in exchange for an autograph and photo with Stan Lee. You didn’t think that was free did you? After our wallets were empty, they led us into a dark room and told us to wait as they projected The Incredible Hulk. At this point we were wondering why they were playing this for us now? We could have watched this whole entire movie in the time we spent waiting. After about 10 minutes, the hired help came in and called us into the hallway. They told us there was no photography allowed in the room we were about to enter. Everyone had a cell phone or some sort of device on them in hopes of catching a video of Stan Lee exclaiming Excelsior. They told us to have our things ready to have signed. I brought my digital painting I created of Iron Man that I had printed on metal. As they handed my artwork to Stan they told him that it was sharp. I told him where I would like him to sign. As he carefully autographed my masterpiece I said thank you Mr. Lee. He looked up at me and politely said “You’re welcome.” Here is a picture of my Iron Man painting signed by The Incredible Stan Lee.

Stay Tuned for Part 2.

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